Mama to-be!

Mum {noun}: a woman in relation to her child or children.

{Verb}: bring up (a child) with care and affection.

It is hard to restrict such a beautiful, emotional and profound moment into just a few words (I realise I have summed it into three… unintentionally, off-course). A day which some of you may find anxiously anticipating each month, only to be met with disappointment or a heavy heart and then one day you are completely thrown off-guard. Alhamdulillaah (all praise belongs to God), from that moment you feel a deep attachment and love for your unborn child who has just started their journey of life within you. Although so small, with a long stretch of a journey ahead, the love you feel is unimaginable and rapidly increasing. I discovered that these feelings were not only something I had experienced, but my husband was going through the same. Soon we will have our own little family, how exciting!

Once I had gathered my thoughts, I decided to start planning and preparing (although it seems early), I had been told previously by friends from experience that 9 months would fly past and I want to soak up every moment of the stages which lead up to life-changing event to come, motherhood.

Everybody will run through a course of completely different emotions the moment they discover they are going to become a mum, I hope that my experience is something that can give comfort, insight or perhaps just be some reading to pass-time with whilst you await your bubba’s arrival! Either way, I hope you all have a journey full of ease and comfort.

Until next time… 


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  1. New mommy says:

    Lovely! All the best x

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  2. Anonymous says:

    May Allah bless this journey for you and make your child from the righteous


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