I already want to take a nap tomorrow…


I’ve picked out some excerpts from a diary which I had started keeping from when I first found out I was pregnant… (some might be useful, others just mere rambling…) in hindsight, I can not believe how fast the first trimester flew by, then again – I did spend most of it hibernating! 

5 weeks: 

We are expecting our little one to arrive on the Mid May 2017, inshaAllaah (God willing). Fatigue has been the only symptom which I have been feeling! Oh sweet exhaustion. I can sleep for 8 hours, wake up and feel like I need to sleep all over again… Any other mama to be felt like this? It is overwhelming how tired the body becomes, yet equally wonderful that this same body is preparing to support the growth and development of another human over a 9 month period. I am forever grateful that I have not suffered from the vomiting caused by nausea, however I have had several food aversions.

In these early days I have found that having an intake of various fruits, nuts, raisins and juices have given me my much needed energy boost. Raisins, bananas, oranges and strawberries are my absolute favourite! OH, and WATER. Never have I loved water as I have done this pregnancy.

7 weeks: 

This mama to be is already appreciating her mummy much more than before and in a new light! It’s amazing how much can be happening inside of you, and you are simply left in awe. The fatigue continues to press on alongside the food aversions HOWEVER! I am happy to have a healthy baby growing inside of me, and God willing will deliver to full term. I have had the most mild cravings which led me to finally understand no two pregnancies are the same. Find what works for you and stick to it!

10 weeks: 

The aversions are *GONE*, yet… no cravings! How close we are to reaching 3 months, God willing. A feeling of excitement, nerves and hope springs to light within me as I near the date for the dating scan. This is the first time parents are usually able to see their foetus and how he/she is doing, growing etc. Such an exciting time for parents! Meanwhile, I have been doing some reading from a book called “Now you are a Mother”, although contrary to this, I am yet to have my foetus grow to full term and to deliver my baby, I thought more good will come than harm by starting early! (Other mums have been stressing the importance of time to me….) Less me-time more baby-time in 7 months and counting. Please do feel free to share other texts which are of benefit/interest for expecting mums? and maybe how you felt before your first scan.

12 weeks:

Ah! The excitement, the emotions… if only words could do justice. Me and my husband were able to see our little bundle of joy for the first time. I can honestly say, the first 12 weeks of fatigue, mood swings etc have been worth it… everything disappeared when we saw you wiggling away. So small, yet you fill the space in our hearts! We even got a little wave (I might share this with everyone.. hmm!). All praise is due to God, we have a healthy little baby growing, and both mummy and daddy hope you will continue to get stronger. We can not wait to meet you and hold you!

I’ve heard after the first trimester, the second is relaxing albeit as I’ve said, every pregnancy is different… I guess I’ll know soon enough!


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